Monday, 13 November 2017

BJ  19/10/17     What is Evolution
WALT:To plan and write an exclamation of your understanding evolution
Evolution is complicated it is confusing and sometimes easy to understand. Evolution is passed on from our ancestors genes and they will be passed on from future generations. Evolution is random sometimes because some scientist theories are that we evolved from a stoat like creature. Creatures also evolve to adapt to their environment.

Evolution is passed on to you from your family before you such as your dad tall you can be tall to or you might be more on your mum's side like she's small and you could be small. That could be past from your grandfather or grandmother to your mum or dad. The DNA could get stronger every time it gets past like your dad's tall but when
you're as old as he was you're taller.

Evolution is random it is said that we have evolved from a stoat like creature so how does that explain a elephant or a giraffe it is random! Like how would something so small evolve into a giant or evolve into an insect or something or a person. This theory is the weirdest one from scientists ever and if we did evolve from it how?

Somethings evolve to fit into its environment to survive in it. Somethings have to evolve but it takes millions of years to make physical evolution but to make evolution to protect yourself from the environment is a different story. Your mum and dad would have to live in a cold or hot environment for you to have a better sun proof skin. Its survival of the fittest so if the people who does not have these thing will die of skin cancer so the people with sun proof skin will survive so only these people will live there because they have adapted to their environment.

So this in my understanding of evolution it is passed  on from your family and you use it to fit into your environment or sometimes it's random when your mum and dad give it to you it becomes stronger.
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